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  • 432. The Genealogist’s Address Book, 4th Edition.

    $ 10.00

    By Elizabeth Petty Bentley. 1998. Contains addresses for national, state, ethnic, and religious organizations, special resources, an index to periodicals and newsletters, and a general index. Paperback, 832 pages. Condition: Good, but missing title page. Library copy with library notations; never circulated.

  • 477. Pioneer Life.

    $ 15.00

    J. E Wright. Doris S. Corbett, Paperback. A fascinating look at life during pioneer times in western Pennsylvania. Describes the hardship, danger, and drudgery of day-to-day life on the frontier. Topics include cabin raising, crop harvests, tanning, weaving, disease, religion, and superstition. Also follows the progression from pioneer life to the industrial society. Pioneer Life…

  • 595. Roster of Licensed Real Estate Brokers and Salesmen in Pennsylvania. 1953

    $ 10.00

    Printed by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Department of Public Instruction. This book is a list of duly licensed real estate brokers and salesmen and branch office arranged alphabetically by counties. Paperback. 642 pages. Non-circulating library edition. No discount.