If you prefer the mail-in method, please download our blank form to print, fill it out, and mail it with a personal check made payable to WPGS to: 
WPGS Publications
116 South 19th Street
Pittsburgh, PA  15203    

As this is an all-volunteer effort, please allow at least two (2) weeks for a response.

Used Books

The WPGS Library is housed in the Pennsylvania Department of the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, Main Branch, in the Oakland neighborhood of Pittsburgh. The collection does not circulate.  Our thousands of volumes focus on Western Pennsylvania records, yet extend to nearby areas in Ohio and West Virginia, and beyond. Each year we sort through our collection and weed out duplicates, older editions of current publications, and items that are outdated.  We usually offer these volumes for sale at our annual meeting in June.  However, this sale excludes many members and non-members who are not able to attend that meeting in person.  Our Used Book Sale will make these books accessible to everyone at a reasonable price, plus shipping and handling as indicated. 

If ordering by mail, download and complete the Printable Order Form for each publication requested, submitting a separate check made payable to WPGS for each book ordered so that we can return your payment if the publication has already been sold. 

Mail your order form(s) and payment(s) to:

WPGS Used Books
116 South 19th Street,
Pittsburgh, PA  15203. 

All transactions are processed on a first-come, first-served basis, based on the receipt of payment, then by the postmark date, and all sales are final. Please check the website often as new books will be added periodically. As this is an all-volunteer effort and we are using USPS Library Mail rates for shipping, please allow at least two (2) weeks for order fulfillment.  All books will be stamped, “Sold by the Western Pennsylvania Genealogical Society.”  Proceeds from this Used Book Sale go to the General Fund to be used to provide additional services to our members.

Research Services

Please see our Library Research Services page to find information about ordering by mail for each product.