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  • 715. The American Indian.

    $ 10.00

    This 50-page paperback select catalog from the National Archives Microfilm Book Sales, Book Sales > Publications was published in 1972. This publication includes an index of records of the Bureau of Indian Affairs (Record group 75), Records of the Indian Division, Office of the Secretary of Interior, Reference Records of the War Department Records related…

  • 856. Luke Swetland’s Captivity and Rescue from the Indians.

    $ 20.00

    An early settler of the Wyoming Valley and a soldier of the American Revolution. Author: Edward Merrifield, Scranton, PA. Reprinted in 1998. The story of the captivity and rescue from the Indians of Luke Swetland, an early settler of the Wyoming Valley (PA), coming with the Connecticut settlers in 1769, and a soldier of the…

  • 946. How To Research American Indian Blood Lines.

    $ 15.00

    A Manual on Indian Genealogical Research. By Cecelia Svinth Carpenter. Topics: Reasons for searching for your Indian background, problems you might encounter, library materials to investigate, major libraries with Indian material, Indian materials to investigate. Publication Date: 1996 | Binding: | Condition: Hardly used; non-circulating library edition, with library ID markings. | Pages: 101