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  • 382. To Our Children’s Children. Journal of Family Memories

    $ 10.00

    By Bob Greene & D. G. Fulford. Hardcover. 240 pages. Condition: Excellent; unused. ISBN: 0-385-49064-X. A collection of over one thousand evocative questions, the book offers a very personal, human approach to genealogy, awakening readers to the possibility of creating a family history through the simple act of remembering.

  • 399. Reaching Back.

    $ 12.50

    A workbook for recording your life’s most meaningful moments to share with future generations. 1997. With a step-by-step interview process and advice for conducting your genealogical search, this book helps you discover your family’s history by giving you the framework for interviewing relatives and recording their memories. Author: Alice Chapin. Paperback, 151 pages. Condition: Good….