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  • 354. Genealogist’s Google Toolbox

    $ 20.00

    Genealogist’s Google Toolbox by Lisa Louise Cooke | 2001 First Edition | Paperback | 207 pages | ISBN: 9780984522927 | Dimensions: 8.5” x 11” | In The Genealogist’s Google Toolbox, renowned genealogy podcaster Lisa Louise Cooke help you stuff your genealogy toolbox with FREE state-of-the-art Internet tools that are built to search, translate, message, and…

  • 404. Online Roots.

    $ 15.00

    2003. How to Discover Your Family’s History and Heritage with the Power of the Internet.  Online Roots is a practical guide to making the Internet work for you, productively and effectively.  It will help you to access the accuracy of what you find and help you get the most out of the Internet. Author: Pamela…

  • 405. The Internet Directory.

    $ 5.00

    The guide with the most complete listings available.  Author: Eric Braun. 1993. Paperback, 704 pages. Condition: Good, but missing title page. Library copy with library notations; never circulated.

  • 406. The Guide to Family Search Online.

    $ 10.00

    By James L. Tanner. 2011. This volume provides detailed instructions on the content and organization of all the current FamilySearch websites. Heavily illustrated with screen-shots, the book makes it extremely easy to put into practice what one just learned in the book. 2011. Paperback, 361 pages. Condition: Good. Library copy with library notations; never circulated.