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  • 408. In Search of Your German Roots. Fourth Edition.

    $ 10.00

    A complete guide to tracing your ancestors in the Germanic areas of Europe.  Author: Angus Baxter. This updated edition is designed to help you trace your German ancestry; not only in Germany but in all the German-speaking areas of Europe, from the Baltic to the Crimea, from the Czech Republic to Belgium. Paperback, 116 pages….

  • 452. German-American Names.

    $ 20.00

    By George F. Jones. This is an A-Z dictionary of German-American names with the spellings, meanings, and variants of about 15,000 names. The lengthy introduction discusses the development of German names, name sources, name variations, and some of the special characteristics of German-American names. Hardcover with dust jacket, 268 pages. Condition: Good, but missing title…