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  • 421. The Genealogist’s Question and Answer Book.

    $ 7.50

    By Marcia Yannizze Melnyk. Solutions and advice for maximizing your research results. 2002. Paperback, 227 pages. Condition: Good. Library copy with library notations; never circulated.

  • 426. Managing a Genealogical Project.

    $ 10.00

    By William Dollarhide.  A complete manual for the management and organization of genealogical materials. Paperback, 98 pages. Condition: Good, but missing title page. Library copy with library notations; never circulated.

  • 731. Working In the Vineyards of Genealogy

    $ 15.00

    Working In the Vineyards of Genealogy by Willard Heiss (1993). Donated by the Indiana History Society, Indianapolis. This volume is a compilation of 84 of the 118 articles written by Willard Heiss for the Indiana Historical Society publication Genealogy about doing genealogical research in Indiana (USA). 8.75″ X 11.25 X 0.75″, hard cover, 242 pages….

  • 733. Genealogical Research Standards

    $ 15.00

    Genealogical research standards by Derek Harland (1963). A basic textbook for genealogical research among an almost unbelievable abundance of records now available with skillful directions to follow to achieve success. 6.25″ X 9.25 x 1″, hard cover, 404 pages. Library copy with library ID; never circulated.

  • 794. Guide to Genealogical Resources in the British Isles

    $ 15.00

    By Dolores B. Owen. 1989. Owen lists institutions alphabetically by town, covering those with collections of interest to genealogists and to family and local historians. Listings include address, telephone number, access to the records, duplicating capabilities, services offered, publications, an account of the holdings, and conditions for admission. Includes maps. Hardbound, good condition, non-circulating library…

  • 795. Researching in German. A Handbook for Your Visit to the Homeland of Your Ancestors.

    $ 12.00

    By Roger P. Minert and Shirley J. Riemer. 2001. Although this is an earlier publication, the places are still there! Softbound, good condition, non-circulating library edition (has library ID markings), X” x ”, 254 pages.

  • 796. Your English Ancestry. A Guide for North Americans.

    $ 12.00

    By Sherry Irvine. 1993. First edition. This edition contains detail on many records, a new chapter introducing early English research (before 1730), and a bibliography. For every type of record — civil registration, census, church records, probate, occupation, and local administration — there are clear explanations of availability and access. Each chapter concludes with a…

  • 797. Applied Genealogy

    $ 20.00

    By Eugene A. Stratton. Includes: Background and purposes of genealogy; Genealogical potpourri; The scholarly journals; Standards and documentation; Whole-family genealogy; Onomastic evidence vs. the name’s the same game; Analyzing evidence; Indirect evidence; Forgivable sins; Pride of ancestry; hereditary societies; Royal genealogy; class studies; Royal genealogy; ways and means; Academia and genealogy; Computers and genealogy; The…