911. O-H-I-O. Guide to Genealogical Sources.

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By Carol Willsey Bell, C.G. A very comprehensive guide to the genealogical records and sources in each of Ohio’s eighty-eight counties, with the following data: the county creation date and the name(s) of the parent county; the county seat; the name and address of the county courthouse, library, historical society, genealogical society, archival district, and health department; a list of relevant land surveys (for land and deed research); the surrounding counties; and the names of all townships in the county. Also includes a detailed breakdown of the court records on microfilm (LDS and Ohio Historical Society), listed first by originating office and then by record group. Publication Date: 1988 | Binding: Hard cover | Condition: Very good; non-circulating library edition, with library ID markings. | Pages: 372