899. Colonial America: A Basic History. Part of the Anvil Series.

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By Jacob Judd. From the earliest days of settlement in the thirteen colonies, the people who migrated to these shores were revolutionaries. Regardless of the varying motivations which led them to undertake this most dangerous venture, they set out to transform their ways of life and the land upon which they settled. For the next 200 years, people from all corners of the earth came here, learned to live together, and began to shape a new political entity. This is the story of those people, men, women, children, of many races and creeds, who struggled in a new land, overcame many obstacles, and emerged with a new nation. Along with a narrative history, the readings help illustrate the many aspects of life as they developed in Early America. Publication Date: 1998 | Binding: Soft Cover | Condition: Very good; non-circulating library edition, with library ID markings. | Pages: 249