855. The Hearth Tax, Other Later Stuart Tax Lists, and The Association Oath Rolls.

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Compiled by Jeremy Gibson and Jeremy Sumner Wycherley. 1990. The Hearth Tax, for which records survive between 1662 and 1674, is the best-known taxation source for local and family history, listing the inhabitants of most houses in England and Wales by county and parish. This booklet provides a clear and simple guide to the lists that survive in the Public Record Office and elsewhere, with notes on dates, conditions, and published transcripts. Similar records for Scotland and Ireland are listed. Also included are an assortment of subsidy rolls, poll tax lists, and the “Marriage Tax” of the late 1690s. Additionally, references are given for the Association Oath Rolls for England and Wales, the Channel Islands, and the transatlantic colonies, which were signed by many of the adult male population. 60 pages. Softcover. Good condition. Non-circulating library edition, with library ID markings. 8.5” x 10.5” x 1.5.” Duplicate in WPGS library.