514. Landmark Architecture of Allegheny County Pennsylvania, PHLF, VanTrump & Ziegler

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The book contains a building history of the area, a delineation of a series of “preservation districts”, where the structures together form neighborhoods of distinction and delight (these include Manchester, parts of South Side, Lawrenceville, Thornburg, Shadyside, and Elizabeth Borough), and a register of buildings that are considered architecturally or historically important. More than a list, this compendium records the structures with descriptions that are sharp, pungent, at times beautiful, at times wry, but which always reflect the character of the buildings themselves. Illustrated with hundreds of photographs, the volume also contains a series of indexes to architects and building types useful for information and for touring. There is also an extensive bibliography. Paperback. 294 pages. Condition: Clean; not circulated; hardly opened; no markings.