477. Pioneer Life.

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J. E Wright. Doris S. Corbett, Paperback. A fascinating look at life during pioneer times in western Pennsylvania. Describes the hardship, danger, and drudgery of day-to-day life on the frontier. Topics include cabin raising, crop harvests, tanning, weaving, disease, religion, and superstition. Also follows the progression from pioneer life to the industrial society. Pioneer Life in Western Pennsylvania was one of the original books sponsored by the University of Pittsburgh, the Historical Society of Western Pennsylvania, and the Buhl Foundation to mark the founding of the University of Pittsburgh Press. Authors Wright and Corbett describe the country the first settlers discovered, the homes and towns they built, the farm implements and household goods they used, the crops they grew, and how their small, isolated communities laid the foundations for the cities and industries we know today. Softbound. 251 pages. Publisher: University of Pittsburgh Press. ISBN: 0822960443. 6″ x 9″ x 0.9″. Condition: Clean; non-circulating library edition, with library ID markings; hardly opened.