Based on the “History of Allegheny County Pennsylvania”
By Samuel Durant, Philadelphia: L. H. Everts & Co., 1876, Pgs. 231-240.
Indexed by
Sharon Dulaney

“In the Civil War, three million Americans fought and 600,000 Americans died, totaling more deaths than all those in WWI, WWII, and Vietnam combined. With sadness, brother fought against brother, father against son, and friend against friend. American families lost so many of its “favorite sons.” I am happy that I had the opportunity to contribute to this fascinating historical period by indexing Samuel Durant’s Honor Roll as listed in his History of Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. This database contains 2,077 names of those who served in the Union Army from Allegheny County and it includes regiments, companies, death dates, and death places and, in some instances, burial places. Dedicated to these very brave men, it is my hope that it helps those who are looking for their Civil War ancestors.  I would like to thank Diane Ragan, CGRS and librarian for the Soldiers and Sailors’ Memorial Library, for proposing this project. I appreciate her support and mentorship that she has given to me throughout this project. Thank you, Diane.”

Sharon Dulaney, 29 July 2002
Washington, Pa.

Last Name First Name Regiment Company Date of Death Place of Death Notes
Last Name First Name Regiment Company Date of Death Place of Death Notes
Bailey A. J. M. 64:4C B 10 Dec 1864 B: National Cemetery, Arlington, Virginia
Behrends A. M. H. 77th E Unknown Belle Isle, Virginia
Adams Abner J. 155th C 5 May 1864 Wilderness, Virginia
Beltz Abraham 101st G 3 Dec 1864 D: on transport "Baltic," B: Annapolis, Maryland
Boring Abraham 11th G 6 Feb 1865 D: of wounds received in action.
Barnes Adam 102nd B 6 Nov 1862 Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Bernhart Adam 102nd H 5 May 1864 Wilderness, Virginia
Black Adam 155th B 9 Jan 1863 Point Lookout, Maryland D: of wounds rec. at Fredericksburg, Va., 13 Dec 1862
Blackhead Adam 28th L 17 Sept 1862 Antietam
Ballard Albert 102nd D 18 June 1864 Petersburg, Virginia B: National Cemetery, City Point, Sec. D, Div. 1, grave 2
Bearch Albert 102nd L 19 Sept 1864 Winchester, Virginia
Boyce Albert M. 123rd C 19 Dec 1862 B: Military Asylum Cemetery, DC
Bothwell Alexander 102nd F 28 May 1862 Fair Oaks, Virginia
Baker Alfred 139th D 12 May 1864 Spottsylvania Court House
Cain Alfred N. 64:4C B 11 Aug 1864
Bing Ambrose J. 5WVCVL F 2 Feb 1864 D: of disease contracted while a prisoner of war
Adler Ambrose S. IBEK 4 Mar 1862 Annapolis, Maryland B: National Cem., Antietam, Maryland, sec. 26, lot F, grave 584
Boley Amos 155th I 8 May 1864 Laurel Hill, Virginia
Bernard Andrew 5WVCVL D 5 Nov 1863 Droop Mountain
Addler Anthony T. 240:5A H 28 Oct 1864 Alexandria, Virginia Grave 2825
Brinkman August 82nd B 6 April 1865 D: of wounds BR: Annapolis, Md. 9 April 1865
Burkhart Baxter 38:9R K 19 Feb 1862 Camp Pierpoint, Virginia
Bell Bazel 102nd E 5 May 1864 Wilderness, Virginia
Bryan Benjamin 139th E 28 July 1864 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania D: of w. rec. at Peterburg, Va. 18 June 1864
Cain Bernard 5WVCVL F 27 Aug 1861 Beverly D: of Flex
277 names 1 2 3 12

Eleventh Regiment (11th)
Twenty-Eighth Regiment (28th)
Thirty-Seventh Regiment Eighth Reserve (37:8R)
Forty-Fourth Regiment First Cavalry (44:1C)
Forty-Sixth Regiment (46th)
Forty-Ninth Regiment (49th)
First Regiment West Virginia Artillery (1WVA)
Fifty-Seventh regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers (57PAVL)
Sixieth Regiment Third Cavalry (60:4C)
Sixty-First Regiment (61st)
Sixty-Second Regiment (62nd)
Sixty-Third Regiment (63rd)
Sixty-Fourth Regiment Forth Cavalry (64:4C)
Sixty-Fifth Regiment Fifth Cavalry (65:5C)
Sixty-Seventh Regiment (67th)
Seventy-Fourth Regiment (74th)
Seventy-Sixth Regiment (76th)
Seventy-Seventh Regiment (77th)
Seventy-Eighth Regiment (78th)
Eightieth Regiment Seventh Cavalry (8:7C)
Eighty-Second Regiment (82nd)
Eighty-Third Regiment (83rd)
Eighty-Seventh Regiment (87th)
One Hundred and First Regiment (101st)
One Hundred and Second Regiment (102nd)
One Hundred and Third Regiment (103rd)
One Hundred and Fifth Regiment (105th)
One Hundred and Seventeenth Regiment Thirteenth Pennsylvania Cavalry (117th)
One Hundred and Twenty-Third Regiment (123rd)
One Hundred and Thirty-Sixth Regiment (136th)
One Hundred and Thirty-Ninth Regiment (139th)
One Hundred and Fifty-Fifth Regiment (155th)
One Hundred and Sixty-Third Regiment (163rd)
Two Hundred and Fourth Regiment Fifth Artillery (240:5A)
Independent Battery C Thompson’s (IBCT)
Independent Battery E Knap’s (IBEK)
Independent Battery G Young’s (IBGY)
Independent Battery H John I. Nevin’s (IBHN)