The Coroner of Allegheny County maintained a census of arrivals at the county morgue. The morgue record, from which this index was produced, may include such information as name of deceased, occupation, residence, physical appearance, date and cause of death, where found, disposition of remains, age, and description of clothing and effects. The alphabetic, by-last-name index includes only last name, given name, the volume of the book, and book page number for locating the original record. Each volume covers a short time period of a few months and has approximately 250 entries each. Presently, our index has over 31,075 entries from the years 1900 thru 1953. 

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Index Abbreviation Key

  • sup. or supp.: supposedly
  • col.: colored
  • inf.: Infant

Additional Information

There are additional coroner records that are called case files. The case file can include a Press Report, Proof of Identity, Inquests request form, witness affidavits, and coroner’s jury verdicts.  These additional records are available to the public for a fee by order from the University of Pittsburgh Archives & Special Collections located in Point Breeze section of Pittsburgh.  

Morgue Book Volume Detail

This table shows some details regarding volume date ranges, exceptions, and the number of names

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