Paul Campbell-Trimbur is a retired U.S. Postal Inspector. During his tenure as a federal law enforcement agent, he researched and conducted investigations on such topics as mail fraud, bombs, anthrax and narcotics. He also worked with the FBI, ATF and DEA. As a public information officer, Paul appeared on America’s Most Wanted and the national broadcast of the CBS Morning News. Always intrigued by his own heritage, Paul began genealogical research about his immediate family history (all eight of his great-grandparents are buried in the City of Pittsburgh). It quickly became clear that he had a passion for the subject and began doing research for extended family members and friends. After purchasing a 1700s barn that was converted into a home in the 1970s, Paul branched out into house histories. Since Paul has moved back home to his birth place of Pittsburgh, he bought a home in the City of Pittsburgh and relearned his knowledge of the Pittsburgh area records and research.