Kristin is a detailed and efficient researcher who is passionate about discovering and sharing the stories of your ancestors’ lives. Uncovering her own family history has been a deeply fulfilling experience, and she is honored to give this meaningful gift to you.  Kristin is a professional genealogist with Legacy Tree Genealogists, and she has also worked as a private genealogist with a focus on Pennsylvania.

Kristin enjoys challenging research projects which involve correlating indirect or negative evidence and telling the stories of women, children, African Americans, and Native Americans. She researches all over the United States with a key geographic specialty in Pennsylvania, where many of her own ancestors lived since the 1700s.

Kristin earned a Certificate in Genealogical Research from Boston University, served as a leader for the ProGen Study Group, and has continued to develop methodology and expertise through institute courses focused on topics including:

• Advanced Genealogical Methods

• Researching Women and Children

• Genealogical Documentation

• Pennsylvania Germans

• Advanced DNA Analysis

• Advanced Evidence Analysis Practicum

• African American Research