October 6, 2018 10:30 am - 12:00 pm 3rd Floor Conference Room, Pennnsylvania Department, Carnegie Library, Main Branch
Responding to a Surprise Finding from a DNA Result: Problem-Solving and the Importance of “Family Allies”  
Presenters:  Debra Christopher and Patricia Keller with Ray Jones
One of the realities of genetic genealogy is that new DNA results sometimes lead to surprise findings that both cause us to reevaluate our research and have sensitive conversations with testers. The process of building evidence on a surprise finding will be discussed and identifying family allies who can help facilitate sensitive conversations will be explained.  Debra Christopher and Patricia Keller will present an interesting case study of a surprise finding in their research and discuss their roles as family allies in moving forward after the surprise results.  In preparation for the meeting, everyone should consider a surprise finding in their research for the group discussions facilitated by Ray Jones.