937. The Covenanters of Scotland, 1638-1690.

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By David Dobson. BRAND NEW PUBLICATION. The Wars of the Covenant covered the years between 1639 and 1651, when Scotland and England were two independent countries, though both were subject to King Charles I. The cause of the Covenanter movement lay in the attempts of the Stuart kings to impose Anglicanism on a basically Presbyterian Church of Scotland and to make the Stuart kings head of the Church of Scotland in line with their position in the Church of England. In this work, Dr. David Dobson has identified nearly 2,500 Covenanters by name, verdict, date and vessel of banishment, place of exile, often additional particulars about the individual, and the source of the information. Publication Date: 2023 | Binding: Soft cover | No library ID markings. | Pages: 263