522. The Settlers’ Forts of Western Pennsylvania

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By John A. DeMay. “Thank You Ann Hupp and You, Too, Samuel Brady.” Paperback. This book describes frontier days in Western Pennsylvania during the period 1760-1795, the incessant conflict between the Indians and the settlers during that time, and the forts erected by the frontiers-people for their protection. The sites of 30 forts are identified and the exciting events that occurred at each is described. There is a separate chapter about the Indian tribes who inhabited this land, and another chapter about the nature and background of the Irish, Scotch-Irish, German, and English immigrants who settled in this area. The role of rangers in frontier warfare is explored, as is the role of women fighting for their lives and families from their homes and the forts. The influence upon the settlers of the endless forest and the wild animals is discussed at length. 213 pages. Condition: Clean; not circulated; hardly opened; no markings.