276. Ever A Frontier, The Bicentennial History of the Pittsburgh Theological Seminary

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James Arthur Walther, Editor.  This is an enthralling and informative chronicle of the development of theological education in the Presbyterian Church and the establishment of the oldest Presbyterian seminary in America. The essays in this bicentennial history describe the religious and political environment in sixteenth-century Scotland that resulted in the formation of the Presbyterian and Reformed churches in colonial American and the establishment of their academies and theological seminaries throughout the East and Midwest. The book features the following: original research on church division in Scotland, including a section dealing with the problem of “witches”; an engaging picture of life on the westward trek – its hardships, methods of travel, home construction, and political problems; detailed histories of the various institutions that eventually united to form the Pittsburgh Theological Seminary; the development of Pittsburgh Theological Seminary’s worldwide mission activities, its biblical archaeology program, and its extensive library; nearly three dozen remarkable photos carefully chosen from the seminary’s vast archives. 1994.  ISBN 0-8028-3723-9.  282 pages. Very good condition. Never circulated.