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Below are some of the featured resources you'll find in the FREE DATA FILES.
The MISCELLANEOUS DOCKETS OF QUARTER SESSIONS, ALLEGHENY COUNTY are 77 digitized consecutive volumes that contain various entries covering years through the early 1870s in Allegheny County and include Commitments of Lunacy into the last book (Mayview, Fairview, Woodville, Danville).  Examples of what can be found in these volumes include Appointments, Commitments (lunacy, insanity), Disbarments, Detailing of Judges, Elections, Habeas Corpus, In Re: Cases (forfeiture of gambling devices, liquor destruction, the testimony of jail prisoners), Inspector of Elections, Indebtedness, Mental Examinations, Orders for Commitment, Private Detective Licensees (includes petitioner background, affidavits, orders of the courts), Prisoner Releases, Prisoner Transfers. 
The indexes are loaded with the subject matter and information, such as names, dates, locations, disposition - the who, what, when, where, and why.  Each volume contains its own table of contents arranged by alphabetical subject matter similar to what is described above.  
The Dockets of Quarter Sessions, Allegheny County are of a similar nature as the Miscellaneous Dockets, but not nearly as informative. Most of the entries have 5-7 line descriptions pertaining to various referenced petitions:  Assault and Battery, Selling Liquor on Sunday (imagine that!), Larceny, Carrying Concealed Weapons, etc.   
WPGS "QUARTERLY" INDEXES.  All 41 volumes of the WPGS Quarterly publications have been digitized and are available to Members Only on this website.  However, indexes have been created by Article Title, Category, Location, and Volume Number and are available to the public for downloading and searching.  If you are not a member, you may request copies of articles from the Quarterlies by submitting a General Library Research Request Form.  
PHOTOS/MEMORABILIA TO CLAIM:  If you can identify anyone in any of the unidentified photographs, please send the information to archives@wpgs.org.  If you can provide definitive proof that you are a descendant of anyone in any of the photographs, arrangements can be made to provide you with the original item.  Photographs were scanned as JPEG files so you will need photo viewing software to view those.
HISTORICAL WESTERN PA DOCUMENTS In this folder, you'll find local descriptions, indexes to atlases, and many souvenir books from area churches and communities. Some of these PDF files are rather large (20MB is the largest) and may take some time to download. 
FAMILY HISTORIES AND DOCUMENTS:  Stories and documents submitted by family members of Western Pennsylvania residents.
Deaths/Missing During Native American Conflicts Before 1812 These indexes were prepared from cards that were originally collected from members and compiled by Eunice Elliott and Samuel C. Reed, Jr. for the Western Pennsylvania Genealogical Society. (Original research was named  Indian Victims Killed, Captured, & Missing)
These files may not be sold, duplicated, distributed, extracted, or indexed without the expressed and written permission of WPGS. Please contact website@wpgs.org for further information.