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Copyright 1993 by the Western Pennsylvania Genealogical Society. ALLEGHENY COUNTY, PENNSYLVANIA, RESEARCH IN THE COURTHOUSE, by Helen L.Harriss, C.G. and Eden Harriss, is an outline prepared originally for a class, which the authors taught for the Western Pennsylvania Genealogical Society. The material is basically for use in Allegheny Coμnty, but the information contained therein is applicable to the other Pennsylvania counties. Helen L. Harriss is a founding member of the Western Pennsylvania Genealogical Society, and her son Eden has been a member for more than fifteen years. Both have been doing genealogical research professionally for several years and are well qualified to discuss the holdings of the various divisions which comprise the County Court system. The authors and the Society are pleased to present this publication. It is our belief that the material will prove to be a valuable finding aid for the maze of locations housing the vast number of records held by Allegheny County. We extend our appreciation to Helen and Eden Harriss for compiling this material, and to Elissa S. Powell for editing and layout. G. Jean Gregord, C.G.R.S., Publications Chairman Western Pennsylvania Genealogical Society, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 1993
Uploaded: 27 August 2018
From the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA)
Uploaded: 11 February 2018
Uploaded: 24 July 2018
This is a good chart from Ancestry.com [free] displaying a comparison of census information, 1790-1940. The chart is on the 1940 Census Wiki page. This chart is very helpful when trying to determine what census asked questions such as “Month of birth.”
Uploaded: 11 October 2020
Using City Directories: Top 10 Tips and Tricks | Thomas MacEntee, of Abundant Genealogy http://abundantgenealogy.com abundantgenealogy@gmail.com | Prior to the invention of the telephone and the telephone book, most cities, and even small towns had a directory listing information on its inhabitants. Even after the telephone became popular, and up through the 1920s and 1930s, many towns continued to publish these directories. City and business directories are filled with clues to help you break down brick walls and better understand your ancestors.
Uploaded: 11 October 2020
Courthouses of PA (1975)
Uploaded: 20 September 2020
Uploaded: 20 September 2020
Handout prepared by WPGS for general information at the WPGS Library in 2003.
Uploaded: 20 August 2018
Genetic Genealogy Links (Hill)
Uploaded: 20 September 2020
Guide to Heinz History Center Research
Uploaded: 19 November 2020
This is a map that shows the key migration routes across the U.S. from the East Coast to the West Coast. Courtesy of Family Tree Magazine (2020)
Uploaded: 19 November 2020
This was the Special Publication No. of the Western Pennsylvania Genealogical Society in 1978, compiled by Jean Sansenbaugher Morris, Professional Genealogist.
Uploaded: 30 March 2019
This chart illustrates when counties started to collect birth, marriage, and death information and report it to state offices. Courtesy of Family Tree Magazine (2020)
Uploaded: 19 November 2020