First Families of Western Pennsylvania Short-Form Application 
A short-form application may be completed by an existing First Families of Western Pennsylvania (FFWP) member for a supplemental application or by a direct family member of an existing FFWP Member.  A direct family member is defined as: children, parent, grandparent, sibling, aunt and uncle, and great-aunt and great-uncle.
If your relationship falls into one of those categories, then you may use the “short form” procedure.  You must be a member of WPGS, and you may submit a completed application form that describes the descent from the ancestor to yourself. However, you need to submit documentation only for the generations that differ from your relative FFWP member's lineage.  At the most recent generation that appears on both applications, you should note “See application of [name of relative], First Families member [number].”  A non-refundable $10 application fee must accompany your application.