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We Are a Society of Volunteers

There are many ways you can contribute to the success of WPGS, even if you live outside of the Western Pennsylvania area. Please don’t hesitate to ask for details if you're at all interested in any of the following tasks:
HELP WANTED: Volunteer Editor and Content Volunteers. The Quarterly Editor has not been published since the 2015-2016 membership year, due to the lack of a volunteer Editor and volunteer editorial staff. The intent of the editorial staff of the Quarterly is to solicit articles, write articles, and proofread & edit to scholarly standards. The Editor and all volunteers should be familiar with standard genealogy citation format for footnotes. All editorial and published tasks can be accomplished remotely. Please contact President@WPGS.org, if you would like to get this WPGS publication back in business.
Prepare and provide media announcements (news, Facebook, etc.) with a consistent message regarding WPGS and its activities. Email communications@wpgs.org
Work with other volunteers and team leaders to prepare original documents for improved access through scanning and/or publishing. Email archives@wpgs.org.
  • COLLECTION: Library collection volunteers are needed to meet the goals of the Library Committee, which include collecting, repairing, and preserving primary materials relating to genealogical research and acquiring through purchase/donation other materials relating to genealogical research in the WPGS 26-county region for the non-circulating WPGS Library.  Email library@wpgs.org  
  • DONATIONS: Members occasionally donate their family history research and resources to the Library and volunteers are needed to review these materials for acceptance into the Library Collection. Some of this material could be digitized and made available for members only. Email library@wpgs.org  
  • DIGITIZING: Assist in the preparation of documents and records for digitizing and the actual processing of these for purposes of making them available to our members and public. Email digitize@wpgs.org
  • INDEXING:  TheWPGS microfilm holdings that have been digitized need indexing so that they can easily be found when searching. This task can be done in the comfort of your home, working from PDF files. If you have indexing experience, the concept should be as easy as entering info and sending the file. If you are not familiar with indexing, training can be provided.  Contact indexing@wpgs.org for more information.
  • RESEARCHERS: Volunteers are needed on a regular basis to assist visitors to the WPGS Library, as well as helping WPGS respond to inquiries from patrons (members and non-members) that come by U.S. mail, e-mail, or by telephone and prepare limited genealogical research within the scope of the WPGS collection and resources. Such research extends to Index Lookups, WPGS File Searches, First Families of Western PA Applications, Naturalization Records Documentation, WPA Home Survey Searches, and General Research. Contact research@wpgs.org if you can volunteer to help someone else in their search for ancestors.
  • Processing membership and renewal data
  • Researching potential additional membership benefits
  • Participate in membership outreach events
  • Welcome participants and provide information to members and visitors.
  • Attend and provide a written overview for the newsletter.
  • Someone knowledgeable in the production of webinars and video presentations.
The Jots Editor is always on the alert for articles, research sources, and activities of interest to our membership. Share your research stories and knowledge of genealogy resources with the Editor at jots@wpgs.org.
Please consider volunteering to serve on the WPGS Board of Directors for the next membership year. The Board consists of the officers and six directors-at-large. The officers of the Society include the President, President-Elect, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, and Treasurer. The President-Elect serves as President the year following the year he/she serves as President-Elect. The term of the six Directors-at-Large is two years, three new Directors being elected each year. Directors-at-large act as the liaison between a committee or special interest group and the Board.  Email president@wpgs.org
You can always contact the President at president@wpgs.org if you want to volunteer for any of these requests for assistance or need further information.